A global collaboration that lets you spend anytime, anywhere

QQS is in collaboration with Finext Eastern Bank (FEB) to issue QQ Card in VISA and UNIONPAY. Use your QQ Card in over 60+ million merchants worldwide

About QQ Card

QQS is in collaboration with Finext Eastern Bank (FEB) to distribute this debit card to benefit all Quazinians. You can top up easily using cryptocurrency and there’s no limit to the amount of spending as long as there are funds in the account. QQ Card is available in both VISA and UNIONPAY.

Privileges & Benefits

The QQ Card allows you to Spend to Earn (S2E) and purchase products with the highest rebates in the market. You can get QQ Rebates based on the amount you spent.


All Quazinians can apply for the QQ Card. You have to fulfil either one of the criteria to apply.
- Burn USD 10,000 worth of QQT
- Spend 500 USDT

How Your Card Works

Step 1

Top-up crypto to your QQ Card

Step 2

Spend anywhere you see the Visa/UnionPay logo

Step 3

Earn QQ Rebates

QQ Rebates

We offer amazing rebates on our QQ Card. This is the first card that allows you to earn while you spend. Spending has never been as rewarding as this!

Rebate Tiers

You can get QQ Rebates based on the amount you spend. Amount of QQT burnt will determine your QQ Rebate tier.

Your rebates will be credited to you the following month.

Tier USD value of QQT burn Annual Fee Rebate
Basic $0 $500 1%
Classic $10000 $0 3%
Silver $30000 $0 5%
Gold $80000 $0 7%
Platinum $150000 $0 10%
Diamond $300000 $0 15%

How to Apply

Click on “Apply Card” and the system will determine if you are eligible for application. Make sure you have sufficient USDT in your wallet to proceed.

Apply Card,
connect wallet and purchase (optional)

Fill in the details in QQS Portal
-Full name as per passport/ID
-Contact Number
-Email address

Redirected to FEB portal and complete the application form in English

Please prepare to upload the following documents for your card application in FEB
Passport / ID Card (Front & Back)
Proof of Address (3 months validity)


  • The processing time for QQ Card take 8-12 weeks from the date of application. Please ensure that all particulars are filled up correctly to avoid any delays.
  • Your QQ card will be mail to you at the Proof of Address you provide during application. You can go to www.qqs.club , under QQ Card to check your card application status.
  • You have to activate your QQ Card upon receiving it. Procedure on how to activate your QQ Card will be email to your registered email.
  • Yes. there will be a one-time fee of USD 95. and an annual Fee of USD 120. QQS will waive all fees for all Quazinians.
  • You can go to www.qqs.club , under QQ Card, connect your Metamask wallet, click on “Top-up”, enter the desired amount and transfer to the designated USDT address provided. You will receive the USD in your card within 24 hours from the time the transaction is made.
  • Another option is to deposit USDT into your account in the BETH portal, and convert the USDT to USD value to spend.
  • Yes. there is a 1% conversation fee and 3% top up fee for all USDT top up when you use the BETH portal to deposit.
  • If you deposit your USDT via www.qqs.club , the top up fee will be 3%.
  • Fees will be deducted upon top up. (ie, when you top up 1000 USDT, you will receive around 960-970 USD, depending on which portal you use.)
  • There’s no limit to the amount of USDT you wish to top up to your QQ Card. The spending limit will be the balance you have in your card.
  • Daily withdrawal limit is USD10,000 and USD5000 per transaction.
  • You can only withdraw from ATM with the same merchant logo as your card. (Ie. For Debit Visa card, you can withdraw from any ATM machines with VISA logo.)
  • 1.2% + $1.00 USD for all ATM withdrawalsfor cash withdrawal made at ATM
  • $1.00 USD charged to check balance at ATM
  • $0.20 USD per POS transaction
  • You can go to www.qqs.club , under QQ Card, you can access to your account to view balance and transactions. The login credentials will be emailed to when you activate your card.
  • It will be based on the issuing bank’s daily board rate.
  • If you lost your card, please login to request to block the card and request for a replacement card.
  • Cost of a replacement card is 50 USD.